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Berkit Manufacturing provides custom wire harnesses and electrical solutions for the most demanding environments and specifications. Our methodology includes the examination of the entire production run as well as the full life cycle of any custom wire harness in order to utilise materials and production methods that greatly extend the life of our client’s equipment and maximises cost efficiencies. Our team’s sole focus is on developing dependable, cost-effective custom wire harnesses and electrical solutions that perfectly meet our client’s needs and specifications.

Our manufacturing efficiency is derived from precise production scheduling in which we utilize a mix of automation and hand labour. Our factory has been fitted to work with all common insulated and non-insulated materials. From wire cutting and splicing, to attaching moulded components and creating sub-assemblies, our production facility consistently meets our client’s lead times with reliable, high quality parts.

Our services include:


Berkit Manufacturing has the experience and manufacturing capability to supply wire harnesses or cable assemblies for the power, transportation, instrumentation and appliance and automotive industries.

Through our extensive experience we have perfected our dedicated testing and quality systems to ensure the accuracy of the wire harness before shipment by testing the electrical functionality of a cable harness on a test board that is pre-programmed with the specific circuit diagram data of our clients’ order. This ensures that your harness designs are efficiently manufactured correctly the first time. We design and build high volume runs, store and ship the harnesses as needed, or can create a small initial run and manufacture as many repeat builds as required.

Our extensive inventory of components, wires, and cables are effectively managed, which greatly reduces our turn-around times.


Benefits of our bespoke wiring and electrical solutions are:

  1. The capability to produce high-volume and client specific applications.
  2. Compressor wiring harnesses are built with Cabtyre.
  3. Harnesses are manufactured for complete cooling systems.
  4. Wires can be pre-assembled to any refrigeration components.
  5. Specialized wiring solutions for gate motors.
  6. Specialized automated garage door harnesses.
  7. Molded plugs are manufactured in 220 Volt as well as 12 Volt applications.
  8. Easy to install “Plug and Play” vehicle tracking and security solutions with OEM connectors.
  9. Provision of a full range of electronic accessories.
  10. Wiring harnesses are manufactured to fit any make of vehicle.
  11. A full range of wiring solutions for any automotive application.
  12. Manufacturing of a full range of caravan and trailer electronics.
  13. Manufacturing of vehicle specific electrical applications.
  14. Manufacturing of tailor-made solutions for:
    1. Battery Management Systems.
    2. Injection moldings.
    3. Panel wiring.
    4. Armored vehicle security systems.
    5. Tow bar modules.


Berkit Manufacturing utilises the latest in equipment and technology to perform automated wire and cable processing. This allows us to cut, strip and terminate wires and cables in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees our clients a high quality and 100% reliable product.

Through our state-of-the-art approach we are able to crimp both ends of a wire, double crimp the connections with up to three different contacts as well as carrying out one-ended seal application and tinning with label markings. Our machines have process monitoring that is fully integrated while the product is being manufactured and our operators are able to perform a variety of processing options, including twisting and tinning, full tinning or tip tinning. Our machines allow us to produce ideal twisting and tinning quality at minimal cost. This allows us to manufacture products exactly to client’s specifications and requirements.

Our services include:

  • Wire cut and stripping.
  • Wire crimping / splicing.
  • Wire seal attachment.
  • Pull test and crimp height.


All of our panel designs come complete with pre-approval single line and general arrangement diagrams prepared by our highly experienced in-house Draughtsman.


Berkit Manufacturing specialises in the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of standard and purpose built electrical panels, and we pride ourselves in offering quality solutions at an affordable price. As a large manufacturer that values the development of strong and trust-based relationships with all our clients, we set ourselves apart from other industry players by partnering with leading manufacturers, implementing the most state-of-the-art processes and ensuring that every product we deliver has been manufactured in excellence. With more than 40 years of manufacturing expertise, our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and thorough testing prior to dispatch, we ensure consistent delivery in both quality and performance. Our custom-made electrical panels are specifically designed to the highest standards, meet both local and international standards and are manufactured according to our client’s specifications and needs.

Our service includes dependable expert assistance from an extremely experienced and knowledgeable technical team. Our unique knowledge and the continuous training of our team members, both internally and with leading accredited training institutions, ensures that best practices are applied. We are committed to installing only approved components into our systems and strictly enforce the rule “safety comes first”.

We perform a start to end solution in terms of designing, engineering, building, testing and installing your electrical panels.


Berkit Manufacturing is one of the leading suppliers of BMS. We have a range of battery management solutions that can be utilised for a broad range of applications, can easily be tailored to exactly meet our clients’ needs and is cost-effective. Our BMS is another quality product included in our holistic service offerings. It provides essential battery information i.e. full voltage, half voltage, temperatures and electrolyte levels..

Our dedicated team’s main objective is to develop battery management solutions that meet the required standards within performance, reliability and safety. The safety standard is our guideline and the goal is to always achieve the highest safety levels. We always strive to enable our clients, suppliers and partners to deliver the necessary products and services necessary for implementing reliable, safe and cost efficient battery management solutions.

Our BMS incorporates battery management electronics, and has four main objectives:

  1. Protects the cells and the battery from damage.
  2. Prolongs the life of the battery.
  3. Maintains the battery in a state where it can meet the requirements of the application.
  4. Interfaces with the host application.

The benefits of our custom BMS systems are:

  • Provides the necessary monitoring and control to protect the battery cells from out of tolerance ambient or operating conditions.
  • Effective control of the operating conditions of the battery pack in order to maximise the life cycle of the batteries.
  • Provides information to the host application to ensure greater control and information to the user.
  • Modular BMS architectures which ensures rapid prototyping and taking designs from concept to manufacture in a short space of time.



Berkit Manufacturing is an expert designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for the retail, commercial and industrial market sectors. We design, manufacture and assemble high quality, well-engineered and affordable LED lighting products. All of our LED products are assembled in our Pretoria factory under stringent quality control procedures. Our mission is to provide accurate, measured and tested data for all our products to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their choice of lighting products. Our solutions are retro-fitted for custom or standard fixtures and saves up to 70% on energy and maintenance.

Our product range includes:

  • LED tubes
  • LED flexible strips
  • LED bulbs.




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